Specialized Staffing’s years of experience in providing clients with high-quality candidates is only one part of our strength. Our proven performance in managing contingent staff, whether the workforce is made up of 5, 50 or 500 employees, ties together our ability to be a full-service, dependable partner to our clients.  Our on-site managers work closely with our clients in order to anticipate upticks in production needs and forecast the amount of staff that is needed to fulfill production goals. The result is an efficient workforce that enables our clients to focus on their core competencies and leave the employee management to us.

The positions we employ are vast, but our true specialty lies in light industrial staffing fulfillment. Our deeply qualified, cross-functional management team ensures that each and every candidate’s skill sets match or exceed the job requirements. The types of positions we fill include, but are not limited to:

Light Industrial
Staffing Services


With all of our staffing solutions, we offer our clients complete HR support such as employee orientation programs, shifts & PTO policies, worker’s compensation, employee benefits and conflict management, so our clients are free to focus on their business and leave employee management to us. Our powerful back-office software provides detailed reporting enabling us to provide our clients with quarterly, monthly, weekly or on-demand snapshots of their staffing program.

A primary function of Specialized Staffing Solutions is ensuring that temporary staff hours are meticulously accounted for, and employees are paid regularly and accurately. Our staff arrives to work each day ready to give their best, and our way of thanking them is to ensure they are compensated. Our payroll system includes weekly direct-deposit and payroll reporting is provided to our clients on a quarterly, monthly or weekly basis upon request.


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